Sink or Swim

Diseños estilo nautico-vintage para varios productos, disponibles en y society6 // Nautical-vintage styled designs done for a range of products, available at and society6

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El Tero Azul
Ilustraciones basadas en leyenda charrúa "El Tero Azul" Illustrations based on charrua legend "El Tero Azul"
OAA - Heart
Diseño para Oceans Ate Alaska // Design for Oceans Ate Alaska
Join the Dark Side
Ilustración para Hippy Killer inspirado en Darth Vader Darth Vader inspired illustration done for Hippy Killer
Have faith in me
Diseño de remera para Calavera No Chilla T-shirt design for Calavera No Chilla
Perra Bastarda Winter '13
Illustrations done for Perra Bastarda's Winter '13 line
Sunday Crunch - Self-titled (album layout)
SUNDAY CRUNCH is a Progressive Metal band from Argentina. For their Self-titled debut album they chose Ariel Mintzer to take care of the graphics. However, after Ariel’s work was finished, some minor changes were required. I was in charge of these layout changes to improve the already fantastic work Ariel had made. Some of those changes include text placement, type-face selection and booklet dimensions. You can check Ariel’s Behance portfolio to see his original work.
Crashtide - Hourglass
Diseñado para Crashtide Clothing // Done for Crashtide Clothing
T-shirt designs done for argentinian post hardcore band "Vancouver"
RID - Bird
Illustration done for Rock Is Dead clothing
G&D Uruguay - Responsive site
Responsive website done for G&D Uruguay
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