Diseño de remeras edición limitada para Thunderquads Roller Derby. Si, soy el increíblemente atractivo modelo con la remera // Limited edition tees designed for Thunderquads Roller Derby, and yeah, i'm the good-looking guy flexing with the t-shirt on

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A Day to Remember - Vulture
Tuve el honor de diseñar una remera para una de mis bandas favoritas hace unos años I got the honor of designing a t-shirt for one of my favorite bands a few years back
RID - Bird
Illustration done for Rock Is Dead clothing
Son Cenizas
T-shirt design done for "Son Cenizas"
Attention Snakes!
T-shirt design for "Attention Thieves"
CNC - Dagger
T-Shirt design done for Calavera No Chilla
Old Skulls
T shirt design for Old Skulls
Shaila - Contraindicado
Diseñado para el concurso "Contraindicado" de Shaila Designed for Shaila's "Counter-indicated" contest
Eternal - By Rock Is Dead
Series of T-shirts designed for Rock Is Dead's t-shirt line "Eternal"
Rock is Dead - Beast
T-shirt design fone for Rock is Dead clothing
Sunday Crunch - Self-titled (album layout)
SUNDAY CRUNCH is a Progressive Metal band from Argentina. For their Self-titled debut album they chose Ariel Mintzer to take care of the graphics. However, after Ariel’s work was finished, some minor changes were required. I was in charge of these layout changes to improve the already fantastic work Ariel had made. Some of those changes include text placement, type-face selection and booklet dimensions. You can check Ariel’s Behance portfolio to see his original work.
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